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Fluidlab R-300

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Cell Counter & Spectrometer

The fluidlab R-300 is the smallest, most comfortable laboratory instrument on the market. It combines a full-fledged spectrometer with an automatic cell counter. Intuitive handling and precise measurements.

With standard cuvettes as well as with glass sample carriers from anvajo a variety of analyses such as absorbance, automatic cell counting and staining-free viability measurements can be performed.

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Measure viability without staining: Cytotoxic effects and measurement errors are eliminated by staining-free determination of the viability. Standardized cell count and viability measurements also lead to improved predictability and quality of your experiments.

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The results are available within 1 minute. A large ``field-of-view`` (5.3 mm²) and automated measurement of the cell count reduce human error and increase statistical certainty.

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The fluildab R-300 is the smallest spectrometer in the range from 375 to 700 nm with a spectral resolution of less than 2 nm. The fluildab R-300 is linear in the range of 0 - 2.5 absorbance units with a photometric accuracy of 0.01.

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The fluidlab R-300 has a wizard for automatic calibration curves. By saving the curves, an automatic calculation and sample quantification is possible.

Sample Carriers


Acella is a proprietary sample carrier format that uses a glass substrate. Its low sample chamber heights make the acella a perfect fit for microscopic applications such as cell counting or particle classification. Beyond that, this carrier is the optimal choice for spectrophotometric analyses of fluids with high optical densities such as whole blood.


  • acella 100: sample chamber height 100 µm, glass substrate
  • acella 50: sample chamber height 50 µm, glass substrate
  • acella 20: sample chamber height 20 µm, glass substrate

Examples of Applications

• General cell counting and basic classification (yeast, HeLa, algea, stem cells, leukocytes)
• General particle counting and basic classification
• Haemoglobin in whole blood
• Haematocrit in whole blood
• Fluid condition monitoring, fluid cleanliness management


The cuvette format is one of the most popular sample carrier standards for fluid testing in laboratories worldwide. It is the sample carrier of choice for simple spectrophotometric measurements of fluids with low optical densities. Anvajo supports various cuvette formats.

The fluidlab R-300 in comparison