Wilten Instruments has a wide range of instruments. Because of the variety of options on some products we are not able to mention all of them on our website. Complete information is available on demand.
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G:BOX Mini 6/9

Compact, multi application imaging system for accurately imaging mini and midi fluorescence and visible gels, multiplex fluorescence westerns, stain free gels and chemiluminescent blots.


G:BOX Chemi XRQ gel doc system with high resolution, cooled camera and application controlled GeneSys software for fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications.

G:BOX Chemi XX6/XX9

G:BOX Chemi XX6 and XX9 gel doc systems with highest resolution cameras for imaging multiple sample types and sizes, from fluorescence 1D and 2D gels to chemiluminescent blots.

Genegnome XRQ

GeneGnome XRQ is dedicated to chemiluminescence imaging. A simple set-up process means a single ‘click’ will automatically capture a quality image of any western blot.

Ingenius 3

The economical InGenius3 gel imaging and analysis system is suitable for standard fluorescence applications. InGenius3 features a 3 million pixel camera.


NuGenius is a new generation, low cost, integrated imaging system for DNA and protein analysis and gel documentation.