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Gel imaging at a touch

NuGenius is a new generation, low cost, integrated imaging system for DNA and protein analysis and gel documentation.

NuGenius is the ultimate in compact gel documentation workstations. Using a choice of UV, blue or white lighting options you can capture and edit images of fluorescent ethidium bromide, SYBR® Safe or GelGreenTM DNA gels and protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue at the workstation. You can even capture stain free gel images using a NuGenius+ which is specially optimised for this application.

For an entry level system, the NuGenius comes with a ground breaking 5 million pixel camera giving superb pixel resolution and unrivalled sensitivity. NuGenius offers a maximum viewing area of 20 x 24cm which is very large for such a small, compact unit.

NuGenius+ has been designed for stain free applications.


NuGenius NuGenius+
Camera 5 million pixel 5 million pixel
Sensor 1/2.5 inch 2/3 inch
Bit depth 12/16 bit 12/16 bit
Greyscale 65,536 65,536
Dynamic range 3.6/4.8 (extended) 3.6/4.8 (extended)
Lens 8 – 48mm f/1.2 11.5 – 69mm f/1.4
Viewing area 20 x 24cm 20 x 24cm
Slim transilluminator 20 x 24cm Option Option
Blue converter screen 21 x 26cm Option Option
Visible light converter Option Option
White epi Yes Yes
7 inch touch screen
Image capture Yes Yes
GeneTools analysis Yes Yes
GeneDirectory Option Option
P95DW Mitsubishi digital thermal printer P95DW Mitsubishi digital thermal printer
Canon Selphy Canon Selphy
Paper and ink K65HM thermal paper, matt K65HM thermal paper, matt
K91HG thermal paper. glossy K914HG thermal paper, glossy
Canon KP-1081N Canon KP-1081N
H x W x D cms 75 x 31 x 45 75 x 31 x 45
Weight 20kg 20kg


  • Compact workstation – Plenty of bench space for your research
  • Complete with built-in processor, touch screen and NuGenius software – Easily capture and edit images on screen without a computer
  • Motor driven zoom lens – Automatic set up for easy image capture
  • 5m pixel camera – Resolves close bands and detects nanogram amounts
  • White, UV and blue lighting options – Flexibility to image fluorescent and visibly stained gels
  • Stain free imaging capability with the NuGenius+ – Capture images of stain free acrylamide gels and many more
  • Optional networking capability to save images to a private network* – Easily share and store your results
  • GeneTools software (unlimited copies) – Analyse date on your own computer