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Wrapping Machine

The wrapping machine Minima, packs your petri dishes in packs of 10 (one column of 10 or two columns of 5)

A.B.E. has carefully selected the adequate film, optimal solution to avoid condensation. Freshly poured with your Distriwel, the petri dishes are packaged, ready to be transported.


Wrapping film polyolefin rolls delivered by 6 rolls of 1250m – 15μm – Ø 200mm
Power supply 200/230V
Power 1,2 KW
Dimensions with open lid 930 x 550 x 580 mm
Dimensions with closed lid 930 x 550 x 370 mm
Weight (net/gross) Stop at open lid
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 190x235x125 mm
Weight 36/48 kg
Programs 10 predefined