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Fluorescence Microplate Reader

Feyond-F100 is an economical, single fluorescence microplate reader. Its high-quality optical path design makes it have excellent optical performance.

This product is designed for bioluminescence scientific research, and can meet the requirements of nucleic acid quantification, fluorescent protein determination, molecular interaction studies, Ca2+ flow analysis, as well as reporter genes, fluorescent kinases and cell-based studies.

High Performance Filter

Filter-based fluorescence detection has high advantages in sensitivity and wavelength selection. Filters provide higher sensitivity, greater light transmittance, better filtering, and faster wave range selection. Feyond series adopts the optical path design of xenon lamp and filter, which can make the detection limit reach 1 pM (sodium fluorescein).

Hole Scanning Function

Using flexible orbital motion and precise detection points to achieve a scanning detection method of more than 700 points per well, providing more accurate and comprehensive detection data for cells cultured in suspension, reducing differences caused by different positions reading. The analysis software can give the information of each point scan, and can display the point information of each well in color blocks.

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Model A-300 A-400 A-500 F-100 L-100
Plate 6-384
Time-resolved fluorescence
Fluorescence polarization
Xenon lamp
Wavelenght range Absorbance: 200-1000 nm
Fluorescence: EX: 200-1000 nm; EM: 270-850 nm
Luminescence: 200-850 nm
EX: 200-1000 nm
EM: 270-850 nm
200-850 nm
300 – 850 nm
2800 rpm 2800 rpm
Wavelenght selection Absorbance: monochromator / fluorescence: filter Filter Filter
Incubation temperature RT+4 °C~45 °C

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