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Luminescence Microplate Reader

Feyond-L100 is a compact and powerful luminescence microplate reader. It can provide a variety of microplate readings, and the fast reading speed combined with the automatic injector can effectively improve your work efficiency.

High-Sensitivity Detection

Feyond-L100 is equipped with a high-sensitivity luminescence detection module, which can realize a variety of throughput detection in 6-384-well plates, and can also accurately quantify micro samples.


Ultra-Low Well-to-Well Interference

The unique optical path design effectively reduces the signal cross-interference between holes, and the cross-talk is less than 0.005%.

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Model A-300 A-400 A-500 F-100 L-100
Plate 6-384
Time-resolved fluorescence
Fluorescence polarization
Xenon lamp
Wavelenght range Absorbance: 200-1000 nm
Fluorescence: EX: 200-1000 nm; EM: 270-850 nm
Luminescence: 200-850 nm
EX: 200-1000 nm
EM: 270-850 nm
200-850 nm
300 – 850 nm
2800 rpm 2800 rpm
Wavelenght selection Absorbance: monochromator / fluorescence: filter Filter Filter
Incubation temperature RT+4 °C~45 °C

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