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Digital Multi-tube Vortex

Exclusive digital multi-tube vortex mixer for high sample throughput. The innovative and compact design ensures maximized operating comfort for mixing applications requiring different test tubes.

The MULTI-TX5 Digital supports various foam racks for different vortexing tubes being an extremely versatile multi-tube vortex mixer to emulsify, disintegrate, mix, or homogenize samples. Typical applications include suspensions, genotyping, DNA and RNA Testing.

You can rely on the MULTI-TX5 Digital for a wide variety of mixing tasks, as it stirs solutions from 100 up to 2500 rpm thanks to the powerful brushless motor.

Maximized comfort and simplified operation

With the MULTI-TX5 Digital you can perform any mixing tasks and then change the foam rack for your next application in just a few simple steps. Prepare the foam rack with the test tubes, then loosen both screw knobs on the closing plate and lift the plate up. Decide whether to remove the plate or hold it on the longer shaft for streamlined manual operations. Place the foam rack inside the foam support, lower the closing plate until it reaches the test tubes and tighten the screw knobs.

User interface Digital
Speed control Electronic
Stirring speed 100 – 2500 rpm
Speed setting regulation 5 rpm
Timer From 1 min to 99 h : 59 min
Lock function Yes
Type of movement Orbital

Maximized versatility with the interchangeable foam racks for various tubes

Various foam racks for vortexing tubes with different dimensions ensure premium versatility in the lab and make the MULTI-TX5 Digital ideal for a wide variety of mixing applications.

  • Sample rack for test tube Ø12, 44 positions (supplied with the instrument)
  • Sample rack for test tube Ø10, 44 positions
  • Sample rack for test tube Ø13, 44 positions
  • Sample rack for test tube Ø16, 44 positions
  • Sample rack for test tube Ø25, 14 positions
  • Sample rack for test tube Ø29, 14 positions

Choose the most suitable test tube racks based on your applications and accommodate them in the instrument support rack in just a few seconds!

Sample rack for test tube Ø10, 44 positions

Sample rack for test tube Ø12, 44 positions

Sample rack for test tube Ø13, 44 positions

Sample rack for test tube Ø16, 44 positions

Sample rack for test tube Ø25, 14 positions

Sample rack for test tube Ø29, 14 positions

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