Wilten Instruments has a wide range of instruments. Because of the variety of options on some products we are not able to mention all of them on our website. Complete information is available on demand.
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Moisture Analysis

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It determines moisture and ash values automatically and produces up to 80% savings in workload and costs. In one working cycle, up to 29 specimens and a reference pan are ashed fully automatically in accordance with the latest quality guidelines


Standard curve set: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Oil Seed Rape, Linseed, Peas, Beans, Maize, Rye. We have over 400 calibrations available, please contact us for more details.


The BeanPro can hold up to 25 different calibrations, including: Green Whole Bean Coffee, Decaf Whole Bean, Parchment Coffee, Roast Beans, Tea, Cocoa Beans plus many more. As we have over 400 calibrations please contact us for more details.


A Moisture and density analyser that uses the latest technology in a user-friendly, compact and fully portable package. It has been designed to provide moisture results in under 7 seconds using whole seed samples, no grinding necessary.

330 Serie

The Series 330 XM moisture analyzers are suited to users who require only a limited number of methods. The series features 4 different models to cover a wide range of applications.


The moisture analyser DBS 60-3 is a high precision device with graphics display and 10 memories for drying programs.

365 Serie

New standards in the demanding area of high-end moisture analyzers. The flagship model combines ease-of-use and sophisticated customizing features for advanced and most demanding applications.