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Moisture and density analyser

The Sinar™CP7070 Moisture and density analyser uses the latest technology in a user-friendly, compact and fully portable package. It has been designed to provide moisture results in under 7 seconds using whole seed samples, no grinding necessary.

In addition to moisture content, the Sinar™CP7070 simultaneously displays the free flow bulk density in g/L or kilograms per hectolitre. The instrument displays the temperature of the sample and uses this figure to provide full temperature compensation to the moisture result. Powered by four C10 batteries the Sinar™CP7070 is USB enabled, allowing communication directly to a PC/Mac.

Using the Sinar MLog app also allows you to transfer your data directly to your phone. This makes the Sinar™CP7070 the most powerful and easy to use moisture meter on the market.
The product is presented in a sturdy carry case complete with measurement cup, cleaning brush, strike off blade, USB cable and calibration sample.


  • Typical accuracy +/- 0.5% for moisture content, dependent on application
  • Measurement range typically 1 to 35% moisture content dependent on application
  • Can store up to 25 different crop calibrations
  • BLE wireless enabled allows communication with your phone via the Sinar MLog app
  • Battery or USB powered
  • Easy to use menu driven interface