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Nanocolor COD cuvette testing – ISO-compliant test results

Nanocolor COD cuvette tests are the simplest way to photometrically determine chemical oxygen demand (COD), one of the most important overall parameters for assessing water and wastewater quality. For this purpose, Macherey-Nagel offers no less than 13 different tests and measurement ranges, 7 of which comply with DIN ISO 15705 and thus also with NEN 6633. Thus, by using Nanocolor COD cuvette testing, you can safely meet internationally recognized standards.

The test kits contain round cuvettes with pre-dosed reagents so that users do not come into direct contact with chemicals. These test kits are safe to use because there is no risk of dichromate or mercury vapors escaping. This has been tested and certified by an independent testing laboratory.
ISO-certified production in Germany to the highest quality standards and consistent quality from batch to batch mean that our photometers do not require zero measurement; a significant time and cost savings for our users.

The analysis is performed in devices such as our modern spectrophotometer Nanocolor Advance. In addition to reliable measurement results, this mobile spectrophotometer impresses with its icon-based menu navigation and excellent usability. Disturbing turbidities are reliably detected by the unique nephelometric turbidity detection (NTU-Check) alerting the user. Future-proof interfaces and many other useful functions round out the package and make the instrument the ideal companion in daily laboratory work and in the analysis of water and wastewater.