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Finder SD Rotator

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NIR spectroscopy

The Finder SD analyses heterogeneous samples, like meat, fish or cheese with minimal sample preparation efforts.

For its manufacturing processes, the food industry is dependent on monitoring ingredients such as fat, protein and water. Critical process parameters are recorded quickly and permanently using NIR spectrometers, examine the production process to the second for agricultural, food and meat samples. With the implementation of the Finder SD Rotator analyzer in the production process, better food can be produced more efficiently by the time-saving and non-destructive analysis of solid samples. Due to the Scanning Grating Technology that is used, the system is fast, robust and reliable. The creation of an ensured chemometric model that meets all technical and regulatory requirements is the most important factor for using NIR in the food industry.

The dust-proof and water-resistant Finder SD Rotator analyzer can be integrated at any workplace and for a variety of functions. The rotator for samples e.g. in a petri dish provides reproducible results. Due to the instrument‘s calibration standards the system constantly checks itself or is recalibrated. A fast and easy integration into user-specific applications is possible with HiperScan instrument drivers.

Benefits for your industry

• Quality assessment by measuring content of fat, protein and water
• Automatic detection of concentrations
• Analysis of dairy and meat products, baking ingredients and grains

Advantage overview

• Robust design, IP65 certified
• Patented Fraunhofer MEMS scanning grating technology
• Thermally stabilised
• Integrated stabilised Wolfram halogen light source
• Easy to clean, no cross-contamination
• Rotating sample dish Ø 94mm
• Analysis results in a few seconds
• User-friendly software


Spectral range 1,000–1,900 nm
Spectral resolution 10 nm*
Stray light ‹ 0.2 %
Measuring time ‹ 5 s (averaging over 500 scans), configurable 1–15 s
Detector InGaAs single detector, uncooled
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.5 nm*
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.2 nm*
Photometric reproducibility ± 0.1 %*
SNR > 2,000:1 (averaging over 2,000 scans)* | > 1,000:1 (averaging over 500 scans)*
Photometric linearity deviation (max/RMS) 1 % / < 1 %*
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp
Probe/optical input Diffuse reflection, 23 mm Ø; petri dish 94 mm
Thermal stabilization Yes
Dimensions 225mm x 271mm x 460mm
Operating temperature Typ 55: 15 to 35 °C or Typ 50: 5 to 30 ° C
Storage temperature -20 to 60 °C (non-condensing)