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Oxidation Stability Reactor

Innovative accelerated oxidation test for the determination of the oxidation stability of fats on the whole sample according to AOCS Cd-12c-16.

Fats and oils oxidation stability tests for R&D and QC Labs. The oxidation stability tests performed with the OXITEST reactor accelerate the lipid’s oxidation process that in normal conditions can last weeks or months and provide fast, accurate and reliable results for Food & Feed, Cosmetic, Pharma and Petrochemical industries.

The OXITEST provides added value information for Quality Control and Research & Development Labs for:

  • Quality control of raw materials and ingredients
  • Transportation and effects on goods
  • Storage period studies
  • Product Development and behavior
  • Formula Optimization
  • Ingredient and alternative ingredients testing
  • Process optimization
  • Packaging study and alternative packaging comparison


Number of chambers 2
Capacity single chamber up to 100 ml
Pressure range 0 – 8 bar
Temperature range from room temp. to 120 °C
Max deviation from the set temperature ≤ 0.5 °C
Reproducibility of set temperature ≤ ± 0.2 °C
Overpressure Safety valve
Out-rane temperature Visual alarm