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Multi-block thermal cycler

The Cole-Parmer PCR-300 Alpha Cyclers are developed to deliver not only the best quality data you can expect from a thermal cycler but also to innovate and exceed the high standards expected by the community. With options of either one, two or four independently controllable blocks, the PCR-300 is a platform which scales to the throughput of the laboratory.

With programs easily transferable between any PCR-300 instrument and user specific defaults stored on the user’s USB login device (any USB drive can be programmed as a login device) there are no issues with transferring work between systems or collaborating/sharing across multiple sites.

Key Features

  • Android driven HD touchscreen
  • Automated protocol optimisation with Program Wizard
  • Remote run and system monitoring via the Application
  • Authorise any USB drive to be the user’s login key
  • Lock, protect and create favourite programs for ease of access and security
  • 96 or 384 well blocks available with block types having gradient functionality
  • Manually adjustable heated lids
  • Save space with 2 or 4 block units


PCR-300-S PCR-300-Q
Capacity 96 or 384 well format 96 or 384 well format (Options: All 96 or all 384, 96 and 3 x 384, 2x 96 and 2x 384, or 3x 96 and 1x 384)
Max. ramp rate 3.4°C per second 3.4°C per second
Uniformity (55°C) ± 0.3°C ± 0.3°C
Accuracy ± 0.25°C ± 0.25°C
Temp. range 10°C to 100°C (4°C final hold) 10°C to 100°C (4°C final hold)
Gradient Yes (on all formats) Yes
Min. Gradient 1°C 1°C
Max. Gradient 29°C 29°C
Temp. lid 35°C to 115°C or off 35°C to 115°C or off
Dimensions 430 x 260 x 200 mm 700 x 535 x 200 mm


Scalable – Chose from any combination of 96 or 384 well blocks
Compact – Save precious labspace by condensing four truly independent blocks into one chassis with no networking issues or connectivity concerns
Active Sample cooling – For sharper amplification and minimal non-specific amplification
Programme Wizard – Generate a protocol specific to your sequence, template source and amplicon length in seconds
Gradient – Allowing for simplified temperature optimisation, no matter the block chosen
96/384 well formats – Flexibility for any scale and user needs USB connectivity – To retrieve system information and easily transfer protocols between systems
Android driven 10” tablet interface – Quad core speed and excellent connectivity and feel