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pH 3110

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Portable meter

The WTW pH 3110 is the right choice for all who are looking for a simple meter for portable pH measurements.

The WTW pH 3110 has a clear keypad with only 6 keys and the automatic AutoRead function for repeatable measured values make pH measurement safe and prevent errors. The anti-skidding keypad can be operated with gloves as well. The large display is clear and easy to read.


Available Versions

SKU: 2AA110
Single instrument in a case including buffer STP 4 and STP 7, 3 mol/l KCI, short instruction manual, CD-ROM, and batteries.

SKU: 2AA112
Meter in carry case with pH eelctrode SenTix 41, buffer solution STP 4 and STP 7, stand, beaker, short instruction manual, CD-ROM, and batteries.

  • Easy and robust portable pH/mV meter for routine measurement
  • Waterproof according IP 67
  • 3-point calibration
  • Integrated calibration timer
pH -2.000 … +19.999 ±0.005 pH
mV -1200.0 … +1200.0 ±0.3 mV -2000 … +2000 ±1 mV
Temperature -5.0 … +105.0 ±0.1 °C

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