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Gravimetric Diluter

ProDilute dilutes the sample by adjusting the delivered volume to the weight of the sample. The automatic distribution of the broth/media guarantees the precision of the dilution.


  • Easy loading of the bags/samples
  • Rapid dispensing – less than 10 seconds to dispense 225 ml
  • Compact and light (8kg), minimal and flexible bench space
  • Ambidextrous controller
  • Unique weighing reliability – built-in bubble level and adjustable legs
  • Weighing independent of the positioning of the sample in its holder
  • Finger-stop design to prevent contamination of the distribution nozzle during installation


Fast and automated dilution 10 seconds for 225 ml
Weighing reliability due to built-in bubble level Y
Adjustable legs Y
Weighing range 5 – 2000 gr
Dilution accuracy 99% of maximum speed
Dilution factor 1 to 1/100
Adjustable distribution speed 10 to 130% (to adapt to tubing dispenser)
Programme selection: direct access via dedicated key Y
Stainless steel bag holder, extend lifetime Y
Perfect cleanability Y
Interactive bright display (colour changes according to status) Y
Ambidextrous programming keyboard Y
Frontal access: prevention of musculoskeletal disorders Y
Fingerstop design: prevents contamination of the distribution nozzle during installation Y
Memory of 19 dilution programmes Y
Automatic calibration Y
Traceability Y
Plug and play pumps Max 4