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Rapid tests for water and wastewater samples

Our colleagues received a demonstration from Macherey-Nagel on how to perform water analysis. This included an explanation of the operation and application of the Nanocolor Advance and the Nanocolor Vario Mini.

The Nanocolor Advance combines the key features of portable compact photometers and high-precision spectrophotometers. With its wavelength spectrum of 340-800 nm, all of Macherey-Nagel’s photometrically evaluable test kits can be measured. Thus, the Nanocolor Advance can be used universally across the spectrum of water and wastewater analysis.

During the demonstration, several water samples from the area were used, such as Lake Grevelingen, the Galderse lakes and the Volkerak. But also from wastewater from surrounding businesses, as well as boiler water and water bottles from various supermarkets. Analytical kits for nitrate, COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and phosphates were used to analyze all these different types of water. All water samples are analyzed and compared with each other. Of course, the data will also be compared to the national guidelines that apply to relevant water samples.

The Nanocolor Advance delivers accurate and reliable measurement results and can be used on the go thanks to its rechargeable batteries.