Wilten Instruments has a wide range of instruments. Because of the variety of options on some products we are not able to mention all of them on our website. Complete information is available on demand.
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Interested in Renting?

An interesting option!
Wilten Instruments Benelux offers a range of rentable equipment.

Basic conditions

• Minimum rental period is 3 months
• Including maintenance, installation and transport
• Option to buy
• Catalog sales price from 2000 euros
• Prepayment of the rental amount


• The rental amount includes preparation and instruction by Wilten.
• In case of malfunctions, not caused by improper use, the service technician will be sent. If it appears that malfunction cannot be remedied within 2-24 hours after being introduced, the rental period ends on the day of notification and continues on the day that the equipment can be placed again.
• Wilten determines whether the part to be replaced is covered by the warranty provision or will be calculated.
• Necessary visits of the service during the rental period are calculated at the rates of Wilten at that time.
• Transport costs of equipment to and from Wilten Instruments are for the account of Wilten.

The tenant is liable for repair of damage or loss of the equipment; calculation of this follows on the basis of subsequent calculation.

Purchase and Refund

When purchasing the rented equipment within 1 month, a refund of 100% of the paid rental amount applies. For refunds on other purchase terms, please refer to the cost overview at the bottom of this page.

Period Rental Extension Restitution
3 months 20% 8% per month 25%
4 months 26% 8% per month 0%
5 months 32% 8% per month 0%
6 months 38% 8% per month 0%
12 months 74% 8% per month 0%
24 months 146% 8% per month 0%


Period Lease term agreed in advance
Rental Amount in % of the nominal purchase price of the instrument.
Extension Amount in % of the nominal purchase price of the instrument. Amount for a single month extension
Restitution Settlement of prepaid rent when purchasing the instrument

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