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SER 148 Series

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Semi Automatic Extraction

Solvent extraction system suitable for the separation of a substance or a group of elements from solid and semi-solid samples according to the Randall technique. The SER 148 Series is a semi-automatic solution with no compromises on operator safety (IP55) and solvent consumption.

Rapid Analysis
The fast solubilization enabled by hot solvent determines a considerable reduction of the extraction time.

Incrased Flexibility SER 148
Series can be used with a wide range of sample types and with a variety of solvents.


Number of samples SER 148/3 3 positions
SER 148/6 6 positions
2 Displays working temperature / settable parameters
Reproducibility ≤ 1%
Solvent Recovery from 50 to 75%
Max volume extraction cup 150 ml
Number of programs 29
Working temperature from 100 to 260 °C
Cooling water 2 l/min
Sample quantity from 0,5 to 15 g (generally 2-3 g)
Solvent volume from 30 to 100 ml
Immersion time from 0 to 999 minutes
Washing time from 0 to 999 minutes
Recovery time from 0 to 999 minutes
Construction material epoxy painted stainless steel structure
Dimensions SER 148/3 480x620x390 mm (18.9×24.4×15.4 in)
SER 148/6 700x620x390 mm (27.6×24.4×15.4 in)