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63 serie

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Visible and UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

The 6300 and 6305 visible and UV/visible spectrophotometers are high quality, low cost units for spectrophotometric applications in schools and colleges, as well as in QC and testing procedures for a wide variety of services and industries.

All three models have measurement modes for absorbance, % transmittance and concentration. The 63 series spectrophotometers are small and lightweight, making them easy to store or move to different locations within the laboratory. These instruments are easy to navigate, using push buttons to move round the simple user interface.


Parameter 6300 and 6320D 6305
Wavelength range 320 to 1000nm 198 to 1000nm
Wavelength resolution 1nm 1nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm ±2nm
Spectral bandwidth 8nm 8nm, 6nm over UV range
Transmittance 0 to 199.9T 0 to 199.9T
Absorbance -0.300 to 1.999A -0.300 to 1.999A
Accuracy ±1T @ 10T, ±0.04Abs at 1.000 Absorbance ±1T @ 10T, ±0.04Abs at 1.000 Absorbance
Resolution 0.1T, 0.001A 0.1T, 0.001A
Stray light 0.5T 0.5T at 220 and 340nm
Noise 1 0.001A at 0A at 400nm
Stability 1h after 15 minutes 0.002Ah after 30 minutes
Concentration range -300 to 1999 -300 to 1999
Concentration resolution 0.1 to 1 0.1 to 1
Units ppm, mgl, gl, M, , blank ppm, mgl, gl, M, , blank
Factor 0 to 199.9, 1000 to 9999 0 to 199.9, 1000 to 9999
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp Xenon lamp