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Nanocolor Advance

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The spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR Advance combines the most important features of our portable compact photometer PF-12Plus and our high-precision spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR VIS II.

It provides precise and reliable measurement results in the daily laboratory routine and can also be used mobile due to its rechargeable battery. With its wavelength spectrum of 340 – 800 nm it allows the measurement of all photometrically evaluable test kits from MACHEREY-NAGEL. The NANOCOLOR Advance can therefore be used universally in the entire spectrum of water and wastewater analysis.


Type Spectrophotometer with reference detector technology (RDT)
Light source Halogen lamp
Optical system Monochromator
Wavelength 340 nm–800 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 2 nm
Wavelength resolution 1 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.1 nm
Wavelength calibration Automatic
Wavelength selection Automatic, Barcode, Manual
Scan speed 1 complete scan in less than 3 min
Spectral bandwidth < 4 nm
Photometric range +/- 3.0 E in the range 340–800 nm
Photometric accuracy 0.003 E at 0.0–0.5 E; 1% at 0.5–2.0 E
Photometric linearity < 0.5 % at 0.5–2.0 E, ≤ 1% at > 2 E with neutral glass filters at 546 nm
Stray light < 0.5 %
Measuring modes More than 200 pre-programmed tests and special methods; 99 fully programmable methods; absorbance; transmission; factor; kinetics; scan; nephelometric turbidity measurement
Preprogrammed tests NANOCOLOR tube tests and standard tests, VISOCOLOR ECO test kits and Powder Pillows
Turbidity measurement Nephelometric turbidity measurement (based on ISO 7027, 16 mm and 24 mm) 1–1000 NTU
Cuvette slot Tube test 16 mm, 24 mm OD; Standard test 10 mm, 20 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm
External light Insensitive to external light, fast measurements without cuvette slot cover
Data memory 1000 measurement results, 1000 IQC results, 100 scans; GLP‑conform
Display Backlit colored 5″ display with touch screen
Operation Barcode technology, icon-based menu guidance, touch screen
Interfaces LAN (CAT 6, only use shielded cables with a maximum length of 20 m) 2 x USB (Host), 1 x USB (Function)
Update Free via USB stick
Operating range 10–40 °C, max. 80 % relative humidity (non-condensing)