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Langmuir-Blodgett Trough

The Kibron MicroTrough G series comprises three modern instruments, ranging from small to large. The baseplates are built on 12 mm thick anodized aluminium which provides a very stable support for the measurements. The baseplate provides a standard 25 mm x 25 mm M6 breadboard design around the trough.

On this breadboard you can attach other modules, such as surface tension sensor and stand, dip coaters, and third party equipment used in measurements. This modular design facilitates the setup of any experiment. The baseplate can be equipped a range of troughs including standard Langmuir, Langmuir-Blodgett, Microscopy, and Surface potential trough. The troughs are made from the purest PTFE on the market; the trough and dipping well are machined from a single block of PTFE. The baseplate incorporates channels to be connected to a heat bath. This provides an even temperature of both the subphase in the trough and atmosphere inside the acrylic enclosure.


G1 G2 G4
Baseplate dimensions (WxL) 274×378 mm 290x540mm 415x740mm
Through inner dimensions 5x80x260mm 5x80x405mm 5x155x600mm
Compression ratio 8,2 14 21,5
Surface area 208cm2 324cm2 930cm2
Dipping well dimensions 60x60x20mm 60x60x20mm 110x110x36mm
Volume Langmuir Through 104ml 162ml 465ml
Volume LB Through 187ml 245ml 900ml
Microbalance range 0-300 mN/m
Microbalance resolution 0,06 µn/m
Barrier speed 0,004 – 280 mm/min