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For clinical laboratory water, Type II / Deionised (DI) water

The Purite Analyst provides a consistent supply of purified water to a quality better than 1MΩ.cm. It is easy to use and ideal for applications such as glassware rinsing, buffers and stains, reagent make-up, and media preparation.

  • Guaranteed > 1MΩ.cm water quality
  • Optional remote colour touchscreen display
  • ECO option with up to 50% water recovery
  • Wi-Fi option
Inorganics > 1MΩ.cm
pH1 Neutral
Bacteria > 99% rejection2
Organics – TOC (ppb) < 50
Dispense modes Bib tap on storage tank

pH of stored water may decrease due to absorption of free carbon dioxide
2 When measured directly across the membrane

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