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Ammonium 3

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Tube Test NanoColor

Tube test for the determination of Ammonium. Precise rapid tests for all kind of water and waste water samples. Time-saving and reliable analysis together with our NANOCOLOR photometers.

Measuring range Ammonium – 0.04–2.30 mg/L NH₄-N
Measuring range 2 Ammonium – 0.05–3.00 mg/L NH₄⁺
Test No. 0-03
Based on norm Analogous to APHA 4500-NH3 F, ISO 7150-1, DIN 38406 – E5, EPA 350.1
Method Ammonium – Indophenol
NanOx N No
NanOx Metal No
Sludge reagent set No
Evaluable on photometer 500 D, Advance, PF-3 Fish, PF-3 Soil, PF-12Plus, UV/VIS II, VIS II
Sea water analysis Yes
Crack-Set No
Remark Measuring range on NANOCOLOR VIS II
Shelf life (from production) 1 Year
Storage temperature 18−25 °C
Scope of delivery Rugged box with 20 test tubes. Sufficient for 20 tests.
Hazardous material Yes

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