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Vicinal diketones and bitter units

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NEW Tests

Analysis according to MEBAK, new rapid tests for VDK and bitter units.

New in our portfolio are the vicinal diketone and bitter units tests. With the NANOCOLOR® Bitter Units tubetest, the bitter substances in beer, primarily iso‑α‑acids, are extracted from a beer sample using isooctane. They are then measured in a 10 mm quartz cuvette in the UV range at 275 nm.

  • Fastest determination of bitter units with a reaction time of 80 sec.
  • Easier handling compared to MEBAK
  • Storable zero: Reagent blank value can be stored in the photometer

Diacetyl can be determined quickly and easily with the NANOCOLOR® Vicinal Diketones tube test. The diketones react with a phenylenediamine derivative to form a quinoxaline derivative. This can be evaluated photometrically at 335 nm. For the determination of vicinal diketones according to MEBAK or with the tube test NANOCOLOR® Vicinal Diketones, steam distillation is necessary as sample preparation. We have compiled the test setup and the required materials in a customer information leaflet.

  • Simple and fast determination of vicinal diketonen
  • Measurement of up to 40 samples in parallel possible
  • Steam distillation as sample preparation necessary – customer information available
  • The usual simple tube test

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