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What should you pay attention to when purchasing a titrator?

  • Analytical needs
    Determine what specific titration analyses you need to perform in your laboratory. The titrator must be suitable for your applications, whether for acid-base titrations, redox titrations, complexometric titrations, etc.
  • Accuracy and precision
    Make sure the titrator meets the accuracy and precision requirements of your analyses. This is especially important if you need very accurate results.
  • Sample Capacity
    Consider the sample capacity of the titrator. Do you need to be able to process many samples in a short period of time? Capacity may vary from model to model.
  • Types of electrodes
    Check which electrodes are compatible with the titrator. This can include pH electrodes, redox electrodes, ion-selective electrodes, etc.
  • Software and connectivity
    Look at the software and connectivity options provided. Good software makes operation easier and makes data storage and analysis more efficient.
  • Maintenance and calibration
    Inquire about maintenance requirements and calibration procedures for the titrator. Make sure your laboratory personnel are trained to properly maintain and calibrate the titrator.

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