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Why wait for microbiological results?

Rapid microbiology not only accelerates the pace of diagnosis, but it also changes the way we understand and treat infections. Get rid of the long waits and uncertainty. It means accuracy without compromise and a better chance of fighting infections before they escalate. Until now, water was sampled and then tested in laboratories to ensure public safety.

Microbium® MPN Analyzer is the world’s first digitized and automated instrument that performs this task on-site, reducing costs by about 90% – and significantly reducing economic wait times for results. The device is easy to operate and the process is completed in four simple steps: the operator mixes a reagent with a water sample, pours the solution into the analyzer, waits 3 to 24 hours and then reads the result (in CFU per ml). This unique device complies with ISO 9308-2 and can detect a single cell in 100 ml of water, can distinguish between E. coli and other coliform bacteria, and also provides an environmentally friendly way to monitor this dangerous bacteria, as there is no waste, unlike determining bacteria levels in a laboratory.

Benefits of Microbium MPN Analyzer:

  • unique (world innovation)
  • complies with ISO 9308-2
  • automated & digitized (smart sensor system)
  • easy to use (only 4 steps, no training required)
  • low detection limit (1 E. coli / 100 ml)
  • Cost-effective (10x less than lab analysis)
  • zero waste (ecological solution, no laboratory waste)