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Why would you use a colony counter?

You can see much better with the naked eye, can’t you? And you always have to check the software anyway, so what’s the point of the colony counter? Plenty of questions I regularly hear from lab workers who manually count dozens to hundreds of plates daily.

Especially for you:

  • Time savings: With a colony counter, you can work faster and spend more time on other tasks in the laboratory.
  • Ergonomics and comfort: Manual counting can be physically demanding on the back and eyes. When using a colony counter, these loads are reduced and contributes to better ergonomics and a more comfortable work environment.
  • Automation: Some colony counters are fully automated systems. This involves placing the plates in the system and you can spend time doing other work in the lab (or a bin ☕️drinken). This increases productivity and improves workflow.
  • Data management and analysis: Using colony counters stores data digitally. This can be useful for creating reports and sharing results with colleagues and any clients. This can also help improve compliance with scientific and industry standards.

In conclusion, a colony counter is worthwhile for a more efficient, accurate and comfortable laboratory process.